About Us

About Us

Since the human being has been created, he has always wanted to preserve the things in a good condition to which he gave importance. At present everything has its own container, cover, and a presentation style to the consumer. Especially in the food industry, it is required to be much finicky upon this matter. Directly in this field related with the health of man lately much more advancements have been seen. What important here is without any toleration by the help of technology, firstly presenting the best product into the service of people. Here, OZCANKIRI Box & Packing Trade, since 1978 has always taken these principles into consideration to enrich itself. Firm is to which we serve by using the best alternatives of the whole technology, we have been designing suitable representations and container solutions for food industry complying with the needs of the firms with peculiar and delicate designs.

Our firm whose prior aim is satisfaction of customers has been keeping on its business on 3000 square meters closed area, and totally on 4500 square meters field. By following continuously advancing technology our firm has been both enriching its range of product and works to make its quality the best. OZCANKIRI Packing and Box has the capacity of processing 100 tones of cardboard in a month. We are able to press six colored off set print measured between 78×112 and U.V lac. Printing, O.P.P film metalizing, pearl sing lamination, cutting and cardboard ornamentations all above are done in our own company.

Graphics designing, film lamination, film addition, molding systems are done under the control of our well experienced experts in a quality way and quickly in our firm, too.

At the same time, production of O.P.P coated, flexible printed three colored paper of packing which is suitable to be used by the butcher’s departments of gross markets is one of the first item we produced in Turkey .

Also we are one of the first producers of Cardboard Plates, papers for the table, paper for trays, boxes for Pizza for Fast Food and Cardboard Trays for Baklavas in Turkey .

As Ozcankiri Box & Packing Trade, we have been producing our goods suitable to the hygiene and health conditions. We have also our goods registered one of this authorized institute ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management by UKAS. And the second one is the ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs in Turkey.

With the understand of producing quality goods and presenting quality goods and presenting quality where service for consumer be improving our domestic and foreign trade relationships we have been keeping on growing up with your trust and support.

Vision & Mission

  • To be leading manufacturer with lowest cost in box and packing manufacturing.
  • Steady decreasing the cost and improving the productivity to increase competitive power.
  • Increasing market share in box and packing sector with reaching new customers.
  • Underlying reason of our success in production is; creative thinking, steady improvement and give importance to team-work.
  • Serving to the customers who had principles having products in good quality is our objective.
  • Meet the customer’s product & service expectations and capability & capacity of our firm in worldwide standard.
  • Improve customer and personnel satisfaction.
  • Reaching our aims without damaging nature and environment in accordance with entities, institutions and enterprises.
  • Contribute to economy of world, region and country.
  • To be entrepreneur with the existing and new products.
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